Trending Faith: Ethics Between Christians and Non-Christians

Two figures disagreeing

“Is it reasonable for Christians to expect non-Christians to agree with them about ethical issues?”

Grand Canyon University Campus Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, answered that question on this week’s Trending Faith.

Pastor Tim called us to think a bit differently about people and the way they live, even amidst the difficulty in not holding them to the same standard.

“The place that God’s truth is held in modern society is different than it was, 20, 30, 50 years ago,” said Pastor Tim. “We, as Christians, need to figure out how we are going to respond to people that see the world differently than us.”

Dr. Hiles used the example of how so many North American Christians are willing to go overseas to study and learn about how other cultures live in order to best reach them and share the Gospel with them. However, we think that just because we are immersed in this American culture, that we completely understand the facets of how other non-Christians think.

“If we want to be wise, we will speak to people in ways that really start where they are, and help them to move forward,” concluded Dr. Hiles.

Watch the full conversation below:

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