Trending Faith: Is There a Danger in Being Too Religious?

Female student in purple v-neck GCU shirt reads the Bible

GCU Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, explored the balancing act required between religion and everyday life in this week’s Trending Faith.

Both Pastor Griffin and Dr. Hiles believe there is merit to this question, and both alluded to biblical references in which Jesus often found the most fault with those who were the most religious.

“Sometimes we can be so busy about our concerns that we’re void of real concern of family or friends,” said Pastor Tim. “This idea of being so busy with religious stuff for some people can sometimes disconnect us from the realities of life.”

Pastor Tim went on to explain that finding a balance between religion and who we’re serving in our everyday lives often becomes muddled. When this occurs, an occasional pause to step back and reflect can help realign our priorities and how our relationship with God can best serve ourselves and others.

Listen to their thoughts by watching the video below:

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