Trending Faith: What is the Purpose of Communion?

Posted on November 24, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Grand Canyon University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, sat down to discuss this week’s Trending Faith topic, communion.

Also known as the Lord’s Supper, communion is a tradition that the church as a whole practices in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice.

Pastor Tim drew the attention to his personal experiences of taking communion in church and how he reflects back to believers who have done this same practice for 2,000 years in every sort of setting. The remembrance is the same.

Dr. Hiles acknowledges that the practice of taking communion was started by Christ in conveying to the disciples that this is how they were to remember Him and that it is what will sustain them.

Watch the video to hear the full discussion:

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