Weekly Devotional: An Anchor Through the Storm

White sailboat sailing on large waves

Imagine that you are in a ship sailing over the beautiful and vast ocean. The waters are calm and soothing as you enjoy the gentle sway of the boat. As you look out into the horizon, you see in the distance some storm clouds gathering as the salty wind begins to howl. As the storm creeps upon you, the once-calm waters start to splash against the boat in a harsher manner. With every rise and fall, the intensity and size of the waves seem to grow. There is one thing that stands firm throughout this chaos: the anchor.

Having a spiritual anchor in Christ is important, especially as storms begin to brew and appear to be heading our way. Despite the chaos of the storm, we can take refuge in God and remain calm, knowing that we are secure in his presence. In this blog, we will explore what having a spiritual anchor means and its significance.

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An Anchor of Hope

Anchors serve a unique purpose for sailors as they journey across the water. This giant piece of metal is able to secure the boat and ensure that it doesn’t drift away from its intended location. If sailors did not have the anchor, they would become completely lost since the wind and water push the boat in different directions when staying still.

Anchors are lifelines for the sailors during any kind of storm. As the storm may rock the boat and try to push it, the anchor holds steady and keeps it from budging as much as it can. With the anchor's sheer amount of weight, it is difficult to move around but is able to secure itself with ease.

The anchor is also a symbol prided for the strength, durability and stability it provides. We can use the symbolism of the spiritual anchor of Christ in our lives and pride ourselves on God’s firm foundation. God gives us an anchor of hope, which carries significance to each of us as we go through life’s challenges.

An Anchor for the Soul

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. — Hebrews 6:19, NIV

No matter how high the waves climb or how harsh the wind blows, it is not enough to budge a properly secured anchor. Having a spiritual anchor will allow us to not drift away so easily or to be pushed by the wind and waters into directions we should not go in. God is able to keep us grounded and secure. We have God’s Word, truth and love to keep us strong and to fight through any storm. Just like how an anchor keeps a ship secure during a storm, God keeps us secure during our trials and tribulations.

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