Weekly Devotional: Make the Most Out of the Summer

By Paige Ferrari

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For many college students, summer is an awkward time. It’s a time of temporary things. Maybe you’re sleeping on the couch because your parents changed your bedroom into a workout space. Or—even worse—your bedroom is still strewn with high school memorabilia and those stuffed animals you claim not to have.

Those summer jobs come around, and you try to bond with your coworkers, but you know that in a couple weeks, you’ll be back in school. Back to real life.

When summer is a constant countdown and a time of temporary things, how can you make the most of it?

  1. Spend Your Time Giving Back
    Although summer is filled with sun and fun, spending your time giving back will help you remember to live a life of service. Putting other people before yourself will help you keep things in perspective, and your days won’t be spent wasted away with Netflix binges.
  1. Spend Time with Your Family
    The one thing that you’ll learn throughout the summer is that your family is going to be your crutch throughout your college career. Friends come and go. So do roommates. But your family will always answer your phone calls and provide you with sanity when the chaos of the mid-semester hump comes.  Spend time with your church family, your family friends or your family.
  1. Do Something Spontaneous
    Spontaneity is good for you! Breaking outside of convention, outside of schedules, is exhilarating. Go somewhere new, try exotic food or even just chase the sun to watch the sunset. Doing something spontaneous will add some excitement to the mundane routine of summer.
  1. Spend Time with Jesus
    With all of the distractions of life and the craziness of summer plans, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. Make sure that you schedule some time for you to spend in the presence of Jesus. Talk, listen and mediate on what this new season of life has in store for you.

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