Weekly Devotional: What Does the Bible Say About Work?

By Lauren Abraham

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“Let your light shine in front of men. Then they will see the good things you do and will honor your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

After a busy first week back at school, you are probably looking forward to having a long weekend thanks to Labor Day!

Whether you are a student, employee or both, it is important to look at our work from a Christian perspective. After all, we spend a lot of time at school and in the workplace.

Everyone has a different attitude when it comes to work. Some have the tendency to overwork themselves, while others avoid it at all costs. However, having either of these attitudes can lead to negative consequences.

So, what does the Bible have to say about work? As Christians, it is important to align our perspective with God’s when it comes to this topic.

When we go all the way back to Genesis, we can see that God worked when He created the world. Therefore, when we work, we resemble Him. In addition, work is not God’s way of punishing us. In fact, He blesses us with the ability to work so that we can honor Him.

Colossians 3:22 says, “You who are servants who are owned by someone, obey your owners. Work hard for them all the time, not just when they are watching you. Work for them as you would for the Lord because you honor God.” When we obey the authority figures in our life, we are ultimately serving Christ.

As sons and daughters of God, we have all been given different talents and abilities. When we use our gifts, we can experience fulfillment as we serve Christ and share His love with others.

Finally, the Bible also reminds us of the importance of rest. When God created the world, He worked for six days and rested on the seventh. When we give ourselves time to rest and be in God’s Word, we can recharge for what is to come. By resting, we ensure that we will be prepared to serve Christ in whatever comes our way.

As we go into Labor Day weekend, I encourage you to take this time to rest. Reflect on what the Bible says about work, and ask God to give you the discipline to apply these principles to your life. Ultimately, by doing this, we can glorify Him!

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