3 Potential Careers for BS in Educational Studies Graduates

Educators standing together

Do you want to improve the education system for future learners? If so, then Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies degree could be the ideal degree for you. Offered online and on GCU’s main campus, this educational studies program examines classroom teaching concepts and pedagogical practices in dynamic academic settings. This degree program’s curriculum can prepare you for a career aimed at improving learning environments. Continue reading to learn about potential career outcomes for graduates of GCU’s BS in Educational Studies program:

Training Consultant

A training or education consultant benefits from strong oral and written communication skills. This professional is often a strategic thinker who offers development services and spearheads research. An education consultant may be responsible for tasks such as organizing review sessions, collaborating with fellow employees regarding training needs, drafting and revising goals and objectives, implementing training initiatives and supporting training exercises.

Curriculum Specialist

Responsible for creating new initiatives and formatting adjustments to improve an educational institution’s ability to serve its students, a curriculum specialist analyzes the effectiveness of class framework. This education professional is often responsible for tasks that include offering educational content and courses to fill known needs, responding to test questions and feedback, providing review materials to committees and interpreting and disseminating test and curriculum statistics.

Education Program Director

An education program director typically works in a private or charter school environment and has a wide range of responsibilities. This professional often helps develop a program’s academic curriculum and oversees a school’s educational standards goals. As an education program director, you may be responsible for managing budgets for educational programs, overseeing the development and implementation of a curriculum, coordinating educational programs and evaluating instructor performance.

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