Faith and Politics: An Evening with Wayne Grudem

Ballot being placed in voter box with American flags behind the voting station.

Many college students will vote for the first time in this year’s presidential election, and with the excitement of voting comes great responsibility. As November quickly approaches, students of the Christian faith may be wondering how to engage in politics. Specifically, they may be wondering how to view politics from a Christian perspective, which will guide them in their decision-making.

Dr. Wayne Grudem, research professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary and author of “Politics According to the Bible,” will be visiting Grand Canyon University on Monday, October 17. Students, staff and faculty are invited to come listen to Dr. Grudem’s presentation, which will take place in Ethington Theatre from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

How should Christians integrate their faith into this exciting milestone? How are they to engage in politics? Are there biblical principles for voting and engaging in the public square? These questions and others are worthy of our attention, and Dr. Grudem’s presentation will provide helpful insight in these areas.

In addition, after listening to Dr. Grudem’s presentation, students and audience members will have the chance to ask any questions they might have on the topic of faith and politics. Overall, this event will be a great way to prepare to choose our nation’s next leader!

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