GCU Launches New Theology Certificate of Completion Programs

By Lauren Abraham

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After earning a bachelor’s degree, many people find they need more education in order to pursue the job of their dreams. Earning a certificate of completion may be a great option. A certificate of completion is a short program consisting of graduate-level courses, and it can prepare individuals for a specific career.

If you are passionate about the Christian faith and want to pursue a career in ministry, you may want to consider one of Grand Canyon University’s new graduate certificate of completion programs offered by the College of Theology. These programs provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in specific areas of ministry.

Christian Theology

The Graduate Certificate of Completion in Christian Theology gives students a fundamental understanding of systematic and historical theology. In the program, students learn about Christian theology by exploring biblical and historical roots of key doctrines of faith, and they develop the skills needed for local church service.

As a result, graduates of the program are knowledgeable of the Christian worldview as it pertains to doctrines of revelation, God, creation, humanity, sin, the person and works of Christ, the Holy Spirit and church. They will be able to make an impact as a ministerial leader and pursue a career in theology, religious and biblical studies.

Worship Leadership

Individuals who want to serve in worship ministry can earn a Graduate Certificate of Completion in Worship Leadership. This program was created to equip students with the skills necessary to serve as an effective worship leader in the church or other Christian environments. Students in the program gain a foundational knowledge of the nature and practice of worship ministry, and they develop understandings and skills for effective leadership, administration and pastoral care in the local church and other ministerial contexts.

Graduates of the program can pursue a wide variety of careers in ministry, such as worship leader in a church.

Biblical Foundations

The Graduate Certificate of Completion in Biblical Foundations provides students with fundamental biblical understandings in order to develop personal devotion and provide preparation for teaching in a variety of settings in ministry. In the program, students gain a knowledge of God’s word and basic capability of interpreting Scripture, in addition to cultivating Christian character and becoming a spiritual leader.

Graduates of the program are prepared for professions in theology, religious studies and Biblical studies. Specifically, graduates may pursue a career as a pastor, associate pastor, administrative pastor or other role in ministry.

Global Ministry

The Graduate Certificate of Completion in Global Ministry prepares students for ministry in the cross-cultural setting. Students enrolled in the program will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary for service as an effective missionary leader in a variety of national and international contexts.

As a result, graduates will be able to build connections cross-culturally by applying their knowledge of major world religions and ideologies from an evangelical perspective. They will be able to develop a strong Christian response to non-Christian religious systems. Their skills make them valuable in a wide variety of careers in ministry, and they can work as mission leaders in churches or mission agencies.

Introductory Biblical Languages

Individuals who want to enhance their understanding of Biblical languages can earn a Post-Master of Arts in Theology: Introductory Biblical Languages Certificate. In this program, students learn to accurately interpret and communicate biblical text in a local church setting. Students are equipped with the skills necessary for the basic analysis of Scripture in original languages in combination with biblical software.

Graduates of the program will be able to apply knowledge of biblical languages to provide accurate exegesis of Old and New Testament passages. They will also know the importance of being able to communicate exegetical research in a way listeners can understand.

These new certificate of completion programs provide students who are passionate about theology with exciting opportunities. In furthering their knowledge in a particular area of the Christian faith, they will be prepared to serve Christ in their career.

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Written by Lauren Abraham, a junior majoring in marketing at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.