Student Spotlight: Jackson Lake

profile shot of Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake is a student at Grand Canyon University. He loves to listen, play, produce music and wants to eventually be a worship pastor. Read the full interview and learn all about him below!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, I am Jackson Lake! I was born in California and moved out to Arizona when I was nine. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to, play and produce music. I can play a wide variety of instruments but my strongest ones are the guitar and the drums. I really enjoy listening to worship music as well as other kinds of music. My favorite non-worship artists at the moment are John Mayer, Leon Bridges and Tom Misch. Aside from music, I love being outdoors. Activities like hiking, camping and hammocking are all things I enjoy most about the outdoors.

What are your initial plans after Graduation?

I am scheduled to graduate this fall in December 2018 and when I graduate, I eventually want to become a Worship Pastor or an Executive Creative Arts Pastor. I don’t think those opportunities will present themselves immediately after my graduation, so my plan is to move to Scottsdale, which is closer to my church (Gateway Church) and to continue working at my current job (In-N-Out Burger) until God presents an opportunity for me to work at a church.

What are your favorite courses at GCU?

My favorite courses that I’ve taken at GCU are my musical composition and musical theory classes. Because music is one of my passions, those courses were some of the most engaging and fun for me. Last semester, I took a History class about the Renaissance and Reformation and I found it so fascinating. I went into the class not expecting much but came out of it so grateful that I got to be in that class.

What have been some of your favorite memories at GCU?

My favorite memories at GCU have been in the GCU Recording Studio. The Worship Arts program includes free access to this studio on campus and it has been the place where I’ve made great friends and better memories. My friends and I have made music, hosted game nights and talked about deep parts of our life in that studio. I remember on multiple occasions when one person would just start playing the guitar and before we knew it, we had started a spontaneous worship night. Those moments are the sweetest memories that I have.

How do you think the Idea of “A Daring Devotion” is applicable & important?

In my understanding of a Daring Devotion, it means to be willing to sacrifice anything to show an undying love or loyalty. In the case of my faith and relationship with God, a Daring Devotion is my only response to the kindness, grace and unfailing love that He gives me every day.

A Daring Devotion could even be compared to a true act of worship. But this can be hard in our day-to-day lives. When we are pressured by the world and by outside influences to conform to the ways of the world, it can be hard to stand out, to be daring in our love and affection toward God.

In reality, our Daring Devotion toward God brings us closer in relationship with Him and with that, we are given the capacity to receive all the blessings that He wants to give to us. A Daring Devotion is the best way for us to live our lives.

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