Theology Student Spotlight: Meg Hayes

By Nyomi R. Mosley

Meg Hayes with kids

Meg Hayes is a current student at Grand Canyon University, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry. After graduation, she hopes to minister towards young children within a non-profit organization. During her time at GCU she has ministered to young adult women in her dorm and around the GCU campus as a Head Life Leader. It is her hope to work for a non-profit such as Make-A-Wish or Orchard Africa.

“I want to work alongside children and families who are going through hard times – those who just need someone to listen, to love them and give them hope,” Meg explained. “Above all, I hope to encourage them in God’s Word and in His love and faithfulness to them no matter what their situations may be.”

In the spring semesters of 2016 and 2017 she took up the daunting challenge of leading a group of Grand Canyon University students in ministry towards children in Africa. The experience was life changing, and she hopes to further pursue refuge ministry in accordance with the call of Christ.

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