Theology Thursday: Finding My Unique Place in God’s Family

God's family praying to God

There are times when we might feel inadequate. Thoughts of, “Why can’t I sing like her?” or “I just can’t measure up to him,” creep into our thinking and we feel we do not measure up. We live in a competitive world and it is easy to allow these thoughts to invade our minds.

When these feelings become overwhelming, remember what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians. He used the human body to illustrate our uniqueness as well as our role in the body of Christ.

Unique in Identity

Paul begins his discussion of our unique identity by comparing body parts. The parts of the body were having a discussion as to who was most important (1 Corinthians 12:14-20). In this discussion, the foot seemed to feel left out because it wasn’t a hand. This poor foot felt as if it wasn’t part of the body anymore because the hand was so much more appealing.

The ear then joined the chorus and expressed its inadequacies because it wasn’t an eye. After all, it’s the eye that allows the body to see the world. We can read this and chuckle to ourselves, thinking how absurd this discussion is, since we know how important all those parts are to the body.

Unique in Ability

While we ponder the feelings these body parts expressed, Paul points out their unique abilities. Although there have been some who have walked on their hands, this is not normal. Generally, the foot is the part of the body that carries us from place to place. It hits the ground and helps us balance.

Likewise, the ear allows the body to hear sounds that bring joy or warning. How silly it would be, describes Paul, if the body was one giant eye. The body wouldn’t be able to hear or smell. The different abilities complete the body.

Unique in Your Role

Paul continues the discussion by stating each member of the body has its unique role. Only are these parts of the body significant, they also need each other. The hand needs the eye to know what it grasps; the foot needs the brain to tell it how to function.

These parts of the body serve specialized roles in the body’s overall function. Paul uses this illustration to show the necessity of each part, as well as their designed roles.

A recent example will help demonstrate this. A man was part of his local church, but did not consider himself attractive. He was short and heavy and did not appear to have that much going for him. One day he sang during the church service and his unique ability became shockingly clear. His voice elevated people to worship.

We must remember that everyone has a place in God’s family. We must also remember that we are all unique. Comparing ourselves to others can generate personal pride or perceived inadequacy. We are all different, yet critical parts of the Body of Christ. It might surprise you to discover the beauty others see in you.

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