Theology Thursday: Is Hurrying Worth All of the Worry?

A woman worrying

My two-year-old daughter and I recently had a race. We decided that we would race from the car to the front door of the building. My daughter was so excited and was giggling and smiling as she was out ahead of me and running as fast as her two-year-old legs would let her. She kept looking back to see where I was at and she would look ahead and then back again at me.

I was caught up in the moment and before I realized it she went face first into a tall pillar that was in front of the building. She was so concerned about looking back at me that she did not realize what was right in front of her. I rushed to her rescue and grabbed her into my arms and held her tightly. I felt absolutely terrible but I comforted her and showed her how much daddy loves her.

As I reflected on this instance I thought about Matthew 6:25-33 and how it describes how we should not worry and how we should put our full trust in God. My daughter was so worried about her daddy catching her and beating her to the front door in this race that she lost focus. She got hurt from worrying too much about me and not about staying focused on what she was doing.

Don’t we all do this in life? We do not live in the present and we do not trust God for what He has given us in the present. We focus on the past. We look back and we worry about things from the past that we have no control over. If we are not looking back we are looking too far ahead and worrying about the things that are out of our control in the future. The present is a gift that God has gift wrapped and given to each of us. What does it help us to worry about the past? What does it help us to worry about the future? Let us put our full trust in God in the present and trust that He knows all, knows what is best and that He will give us more than we can possibly think or imagine.

Are you worried about finances, school, your kids or a family member? Are you worried about a job, your purpose in life, a sickness or if you might ever get married in life? No matter the worry, please release it to God right now and trust that He will take care of every part of your life in the gift that He calls the present. Meditate right now on Matthew 6:25-33 and trust that God is in control of every aspect of your life.

Grace and Peace

– Matt Hampton

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