Trending Faith: Art That Advocates Immorality

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How do art and immorality go hand-in-hand? In this installment of Trending Faith, the Dean of the College of Theology, Dr. Jason Hiles, and University Pastor and Dean of Students, Dr. Tim Griffin, talk in detail about entertainment and how Christians should respond to entertainment like movies, television shows, and video games.

Dr. Hiles begins by stating the mindset many Christians today hold, that the things we do in our free time or our leisure activities don’t hurt anybody. We see these activities as “victimless crimes” when in reality the decisions we make involve ourselves and perhaps corrupt our character. This not only hurts ourselves but the people we interact with as well. Many believe that morality and the entertainment they partake in have no correlation but this is not true. He goes on to explain that if you couldn’t imagine Jesus enjoying this entertainment with you then you probably shouldn’t be taking part in it.

Art both expresses the ideals of a culture while simultaneously shaping the culture. This means that as Christians we must prepare ourselves. Dr. Hiles gives the example of an R-rated movie containing nudity. Watching such a film is wrong as it can corrupt your character over time. While it might not seem like a problem in the present moment, over time it can build up and change your character.

Taking part in these types of arts opens you up to things in this world that aren’t pleasing to Christ. Many think they can take these things in without being stained, but with this mindset, you are living in a dream state.

As Christians, we should approach these situations instead, as a way to be salt and light in a dark, decaying world, contributing something meaningful and honoring to God. What this looks like depends on who you are. You might be artistic, musical or theatrical. Whatever your platform, you can use your skills to honor God. Outside of creating the art itself, partakers in it should strive to bend the conversation about it to get closer and closer to Christ. Thus causing others to think of Him.

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