Trending Faith: Balancing Religion and Everyday Life

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College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, and GCU Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin discussed the potential boundaries that exist between our relationship with God and religion, juxtaposed with the daily needs of ourselves, friends and family.

It’s a subject both Pastor Tim and Dr. Hiles believe has a great deal of merit.

“One of the great dangers is we can work too hard in our religion, too hard in being good and too hard at this or that,” said Dr. Hiles. “In doing so, we actually distance ourselves from God, all the while we think we’re serving God.”

Noting that Jesus wasn’t often fond of the most religious in His day, Dr. Hiles said that religion in general can sometimes stray from prioritizing and being humble in daily living.

Pastor Tim noted we can be “as busy as can be but feel as vacant and void as ever.” Reflection and re-arranging priorities can help bring our religious and daily lives back into harmony.

“Sometimes we can be so busy about our concerns that we’re void of real concern of family or friends,” Pastor Tim said. “This idea of being so busy with religious stuff for some people can sometimes disconnect us from the realities of life.”

Hear their full answers by watching the video below:

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