Trending Faith: How Can I Apply the Bible to My Life?

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In this episode of Trending Faith, University Pastor Dr. Tim Griffin and College of Theology Dean Dr. Jason Hiles take on the question, “How can I apply the Bible to my life?”

As Dr. Hiles begins this discussion, he says that before you can apply the Bible to your life, you first need to truly make sense of what it is saying. This leads into another question that many of us face: Can we really be sure of what the Bible is saying or what any of it means?

By comparing the Bible to the Constitution of the U.S., Dr. Hiles demonstrates that while the Bible is a complex document dealing with humans, who are in and of themselves complicated beings, it can be accurately interpreted as a governing authority.

However, like a constitutional lawyer grows in his or her understanding of the text, we should also grow in understanding of the context and content of the Bible.

Dr. Hiles argues that community is the best place to interpret and apply the Bible’s teachings to our lives. In community and under the leadership of others who are experienced with the text, our understanding of the Bible will deepen and grow.

As he later points out, applying the Bible to our lives is often, “not a head issue, but a heart issue.” Understanding what Jesus is saying can sometimes lead to painful applications. In this way, Dr. Hiles also extols the value of community for not only understanding the Bible, but also for accountability in applying it to our lives.

“We don’t want to open the Bible independently as lone rangers, just trying to make sense of something without any sort context or conversation, nor do we want to try to apply it without any sort of support or relationship,” Dr. Hiles explains.

To listen to the full discussion and hear Dr. Griffin’s response and one final beautiful truth about the Bible’s author, watch the video below:

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