Trending Faith: Interdenominational vs. Nondenominational

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On this week’s Trending Faith, College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, joined Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin for a discussion about the differences between interdenominational and nondenominational, both in the world and at GCU.

The positive connotation of interdenominational could be one of the reasons GCU ascribes itself to that branch of Christian values, but Dr. Hiles notes there are differences between interdenominational and interfaith.


“Interfaith, meaning Judaism, Islam and others, is a very different conversation,” he said. “Our (university) doctrine statements reinforce that. But we’re also open to anyone willing to affirm with those statements, and we’re in a good position to interact and partner with similar things.”

Both Pastor Tim and Dr. Hiles noted that mission trips and other community causes often bring together various Christian denominations for the sake of others and the world.

“It’s always easy to find reasons not to, but it takes real commitment to find ways and reasons to participate together,” Griffin said.

Those acts of community, kindness and charity should act as unifying forces regardless of faith or denomination.

Hear their full answers by watching the video below:

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