Trending Faith: A Look at the Power of Prayer

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Should non-Christians pray?

On this week’s episode of Trending Faith, Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, and Grand Canyon University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin sat down to discuss this question.

Dr. Hiles answered this question by saying yes, non-Christians can pray. However, it is important to explain how this works.

“We would never want to discourage someone from praying,” said Dr. Hiles. But it is important to know which god we are praying to, as praying to the Father through the Son is different from simply requesting things from God.

Dr. Hiles gave an analogy to demonstrate this. He discussed how the children from his neighborhood are welcome into his home, and they can ask for whatever they need. He does his best to provide their basic needs, but this differs from when his own children approach him. When it comes to his own children, because he is their father, he wants to meet their long-term and underlying needs. He has a general love for all children, but a special kind of love for his own.

This analogy can be compared to the way God sees us. Through Jesus, Christians can approach the throne of God. He already wants to listen to us and provide for us, because we believe in Him.

In the end, Dr. Hiles would encourage someone to pray to God in whatever state they are in, but to move beyond this into a personal relationship. There is so much more that can be offered in prayer through having a personal relationship with Christ.

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