Trending Faith: The Modern Church

worship service in a church

Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin joins College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, to discuss the changes between modern worship and the Scripture’s descriptions of church on this week’s Trending Faith.

Pastor Tim discussed some of the pros and potential drawbacks to both large and small church congregations of today. He also noted some stark differences in the “feel” and priorities of today’s modern worship compared to what is outlined in Scripture; most notably, the music that is so prevalent in today’s worship.

Dr. Hiles agreed with Pastor Tim’s assessment that a congregation’s size is irrelevant when it comes to being faithful and upholding the purposes of a church as a place of community, worship and sanctuary.

He also noted that the history of the church does not have any emphasis on the significance of music, but more about truth and communication; the church was unified, holy and universal.

“It’s almost as if we need experience in some way to feel we’re connected to God, and we’re not as concerned with the word of God or sacraments,” Hiles said. “For better or worse, it’s an interesting development.”

Hear their full answers by watching the video below:

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