Trending Faith: Q & A with Dr. Hiles

Dr. Hiles

It’s another week of behind the scenes, this time with Jason Hiles, PhD, dean of the College of Theology at Grand Canyon University. Part of his role here at GCU is helping faculty integrate our Christian values into what they are teaching students.

As for Trending Faith, Dr. Hiles says that the main goal is just to start conversation about what is going on and about the questions that are asked and submitted. When students are watching Trending Faith, they should hear what opinions are stated and bring their own views to the table to make decisions of what they believe.

“It’s interesting to have another perspective that may be running parallel, but emphasizing different aspects of the same basic question,” said Dr. Hiles in regards to answering questions with GCU Dean of Students and Campus Pastor Tim Griffin.

Watch the full video below for a more in-depth behind-the-scenes look:

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