Online Bachelor's of Art

Earn a Design or Film Online Bachelor of Arts from GCU

Are you a passionate person who is both tech-savvy and creative? Grand Canyon University's (GCU) College of Arts and Media offers several online bachelor's of art programs to help you earn your degree with convenience and flexibility. Our digital design, digital film and advertising and graphic design degrees are designed to help you improve your critical thinking and technical skills while also helping you hone your creative flair to create truly remarkable work.

At GCU, we pride ourselves on our experience in delivering online education. Our online degrees are taught by expert faculty in small class sizes so you can engage with your instructors and get to know your peers in the online classroom. With classes starting on an ongoing basis, there has never been a better time to find your purpose and pursue the degree you have always wanted.

Online Bachelor's of Art in Digital Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design is perfect for those who have an aptitude for technology and a passion for the creative arts. In a digital design degree program, you have the opportunity to hone your skills in areas like kinematics, typography, visual arts, creative thinking and problem-solving. Choose an emphasis in animation to prepare for an exciting career as an animator, graphic designer or illustrator. Or, select the web design emphasis if your passion is to work as a web designer for an advertising agency or media outlet.

Online Bachelor's of Art in Digital Film

Get ready for an exciting career behind the camera with GCU's Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film programs. Our film production degree can help you gain skills in filmmaking, narrative storytelling, videography and film editing to help you prepare to seek employment as a director, cinematographer or videographer. Study in our screenwriting emphasis if you are passionate about story development and character. Or, if you are more interested in working behind the scenes on financing, budgeting and distribution, choose our production emphasis.

Bachelor's of Art in Advertising

If you are seeking a career strategizing for advertising brands, then consider GCU's Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design. This program is perfect for those who wish to impact marketing departments and advertising agencies by creating innovative advertising solutions. Hone your skills in collaborative creative thinking and strategic problem-solving while working on a variety of projects to help you build a portfolio. Explore a broad set of areas including digital photography, advertising copywriting and web design. Potential career options include marketing manager, public relations specialist, director for radio or television, producer or fundraising manager.

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Why Choose GCU for Your Online Degree?

Deciding to go back to school to earn your bachelor's degree is both a financial and time commitment. Before you make the decision to further your education, you may be wondering if the program and the institution are right for you. There are plenty of reasons to choose GCU for your online education. In addition to earning a degree with convenience and flexibility, you can also enjoy the following distinct benefits of being a GCU student:

  • More Than a Decade of Experience: GCU's leadership is experienced in delivering online education and has successfully helped thousands of online students find their purpose. 
  • Take One Course at a Time: It's never been easier to earn your online degree! Take just one course at a time, which allows you to master content before moving on to your next course. 
  • Earn an Accredited Degree: GCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and many of our degree programs have program-specific accreditations. 
  • Legacy of Our Traditional Campus: When you earn an online bachelor's of art from GCU, you can enjoy the same benefits as our campus students. Cheer on the Division I Lopes, take advantage of learning resources and campus amenities and so much more! 
  • Learn from Full-Time Faculty. Our online programs are taught by full-time faculty members and fully trained adjunct instructors who are committed to your success. 

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