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College Accolades

GCU has extraordinary students, faculty and staff who achieve success, generously give of themselves and contribute to our amazing academic experience. Here are just a few of their accomplishments:

GCU alumnus Juan Juarez, who double majored in communications and digital film with an emphasis in production, was awarded an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Juan is a Dreamer success story and is a television journalist for Univision in Nevada. Juan not only thanked his GCU faculty, but also CHSS director Heidi Vogeney, who worked with him during his high school years in the Aguila Youth Leadership Institute. The college is very proud of his accomplishments and for his desire to share his success with GCU.

In March 2017, the GCU Speech and Debate Team were ranked No. 14 out of 179 teams in the Parliamentary Debate rankings. The rankings follow success in several tournaments, including the Winter at the Beach tournament and Sunset Cliffs Classic Invitational.

Speech and Debate Places Five on Academic Team
Five members of the GCU Speech and Debate Team - senior Thomas Rotering, juniors Kara Sutton and Ashley Hofteizer, sophomore Amanda Ostrem and freshman Matthew Calderwood - were named to the Academic All-Conference Team of the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association. Qualifications include a minimum GPA of 3.75 and attendance at three conference tournaments. For the first time, the team's GPA for a semester finished above 3.50, and senior Zachary Kuykendall, junior Joshua Sterkin and Hofteizer, Sutton and Ostrem all earned a 4.0.

CHSS Faculty Present at Psychology Conference
Two faculty members from the College of Humanities and Social Services presented at the recent Society for the Teaching of Psychology pre-conference in San Antonio, Texas. Julia Langdal, PhD, gave a talk titled, "Stress Prevention Circuit Training," and Elizabeth Valenti, PhD, shared her thoughts on "Using Technology and Social Media to Bring Course Material to Life and Increase Student Engagement/Motivation."

Speech and Debate Director to be Published in The Journal of the International Public Debate
Barry Regan, director of GCU's award-winning debate team and College of Humanities and Social Sciences faculty member, will be published in the Spring 2017 edition of The Journal of the International Public Debate Association (IPDA). His article is titled "Building New IPDA Communities - Using the Full Range Leadership Model to Grow IPDA in the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association."

GCU's Speech and Debate Team, ranked in the top 25 in the country this year, held a mock presidential debate to help students on campus learn about the candidates in this year's presidential election. The goal of the event was to encourage students to vote and help them get informed about the candidates' policies, not just their personalities.

Letters, Numbers, Minds and Voices

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