Research From the Humanities and Social Sciences

Help develop a balanced and broad skillset by exploring interdisciplinary research conducted by Grand Canyon University's (GCU) scholars. You can also advance your knowledge of learning and teaching best practices by reviewing GCU's Journal of Institutional Research (JIR). The in-depth research of GCU scholars will engage you with academic inquiry, insight and trends related to counseling, psychology and other social sciences within our increasingly complex global environment.

Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching

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Advancing excellence is the purpose of the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching (CIRT). This faculty-driven organization supports the development of creativity, critical thinking and learning in a wide range of disciplines in order to create an integrated community of educators. For more information on CIRT, visit

Journal of Institutional Research

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CIRT publishes JIR online once each year. JIR helps enhance scholarly understanding and application of best practices in college teaching. Learn how to obtain certifications, prepare for scholarly research and apply for a variety of grants, visit

Institutional Review Board

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To protect the safety of all human subjects in GCU-conducted research, GCU established the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to govern all research that includes human subjects. The IRB oversees every aspect of research, ensuring studies follow ethical practices as well as current regulatory standards. Learn more about IRB.

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