Resources for Students in Humanities and Social Sciences

Enrich your academic experience with helpful resources for students pursuing degrees within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. These various student resources will allow you to schedule the practicum needed for graduate studies and direct you to clubs and community projects sponsored by Grand Canyon University (GCU). GCU promotes out-of-the-classroom experiences that foster student connections and social growth. Use these resources for engaging beyond the classroom — mix, mingle and network with other students.

Office of Field Experience

If your educational path is leading to a career in the dynamic counseling field, practicum experience is a requirement for you to graduate and become licensed. During a master's degree program, you have the opportunity to put theory into practice as you perform supervised work in approved clinical environments.

Some states also require bachelor's degree program graduates to get field experience. Please check with the state where you intend to practice to see if a practicum is required.

If you have questions about fulfilling your practicum requirement, please contact 855-GCU-LOPE.

CHSS Clubs

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GCU sponsors a number of humanities and social sciences clubs and campus activities to help you round out your college experience. You can join a club to inspire academic achievement, deepen your Christian values or ignite your community spirit.

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Community Involvement

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GCU offers opportunities for you to become a responsible servant leader by supporting the neighboring community and through outreach efforts across the country and around the world. Learn how you can get involved and grow.