IO Psychology Certificate

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Offered By: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Much of the average person’s life is devoted to the workplace. The study of human behavior within the workplace and other organizations is known as industrial and organizational (IO) psychology. IO psychology certificate programs are an ideal pathway for working professionals who want to expand their career qualifications. You can earn your Graduate Certificate of Completion in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University.

Study the complexities of human thought and behavior in the workplace, and explore how organizations function. Acquire key management and consulting competencies necessary to support organizations as they work toward their long-term objectives. This industrial-organizational psychology graduate certificate challenges students to evaluate evidence-based research and explore practical applications of psychological principles in the workplace. The program is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Study Workforce Psychology and Performance

The curriculum and core competencies for this graduate certificate program were developed to reflect objectives of the American Psychological Association (APA). Students will develop a solid base of knowledge in psychological principles and scientific inquiry. There is an emphasis on ethical and social responsibility in the 21st century workforce. Students prepare to communicate effectively, think critically and pursue the highest standards of professional excellence.

As a modern university, GCU recognizes the need of adult learners for online IO psychology programs to provide flexibility and convenience. With our dynamic online learning platform, students can connect with an engaged community of peers and instructors, and study from anywhere at any time. Online courses are eight weeks in length. A total of 16 credits are required for completion.

In courses such as Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Principles of Personnel and Human Resource Management, students will explore the following topic areas:

  • The application of social and organizational methods and principles for the enhancement of industry and business
  • Psychological principles as they relate to personnel and human resource management, including both virtual and physical work environments
  • The use of effective consulting and management strategies to achieve personal, group and organizational goals
  • The theoretical foundations for organizational development, including the psychology behind how organizations function

Students are encouraged to apply the Christian worldview to their coursework. GCU emphasizes the role of ethical decision-making and servant leadership in the workplace.

Make an Impact in Workforce Psychology with a Graduate Certificate in I/O Psychology

IO psychology experts can build a personally fulfilling career that supports the success of organizations and the productivity of individual workers. Some of the typical job duties of an IO psychology specialist may include:

  • Training and motivating the workforce
  • Assessing job performance
  • Improving organizational structure and business efficiency
  • Implementing programs to enhance quality of life for employees
  • Helping employees and executives cope with major transitions, such as mergers

Industrial-organizational psychology experts may work in a variety of settings. These may include government agencies, private corporations, human resource firms, consulting firms and private practice. Some IO psychology professionals may decide to focus their careers on research and academia.

This IO psychology graduate certificate program does not lead to clinical licensure. Some specific careers may require additional qualifications. Graduates may be prepared to pursue advanced psychology degrees from GCU.

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Total Credits: 16
Online: 8 weeks
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The University will accept one course of the total certificate requirements in transfer.
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Course List

16 credits
Total Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course applies social and organizational methods and principles to business and industry as it applies to Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Course Description

This course examines the theoretical foundations for organizational development and explores how organizations function and the psychology behind it.

Course Description

This course examines methods for achieving personal, group, and organizational goals through effective consulting and management strategies.

Course Description

This course examines psychological principles related to personnel and human resource management in both physical and virtual work environments.


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