Online Christian Theology Certificate: Undergraduate

Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Theology

Offered By: College of Theology

Learn To Serve and Reach Others With an Undergraduate Christian Theology Certificate

An Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Theology teaches you the foundations of Christian theology. In your Christian theology courses, you will be taught about the basics of Christian life. Prepare to dive into coursework designed to guide you through a thorough understanding of biblical bases, historical development and theological formulation.

This undergraduate online Christian theology certificate gives you the opportunity to learn a biblically grounded understanding of God, humanity, Christ and salvation to prepare you for influential positions in churches and other Christian organizations.

Take Foundational Christian Theology Courses in Your Undergraduate Certificate Program

The Christian theology courses you will complete in your undergraduate certificate program will teach you many important aspects of Christian theology. Course topics covered include:

  • Christian theology
  • Historical theology
  • Practical application of theology
  • Study of theological methodology
  • Doctrines
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Course Topics in the Biblical Studies Certificate Program

Through studying this coursework, you will be taught about the formation of character and about a way of life that coincides with the teachings of doctrine. By completing your program, you may feel better prepared to:

  • Defend the Christian worldview
  • Express aspects of a Christian worldview
  • Guide yourself and others in understanding biblical bases, historical development and theological formulation
  • Demonstrate historical awareness of the Christian church’s theological and institutional development

Complete Online Christian Theology Courses

You have the opportunity to complete your undergraduate Christian theology certificate online through GCU. Completing your courses online can provide you with the convenience that many working professionals seek to incorporate their studies into their busy lifestyles. Along with convenience comes the availability of online learning resources and support to help guide you as you complete your certificate program.

Career Paths With an Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Theology

Those who complete the undergraduate online Christian theology certificate program will have had the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of Christian life and the roots of Christian theology through methodology, doctrines and historical developments. With this knowledge at your disposal, you may be called to a career in the church as a teacher or leader, sharing your knowledge of Christian teachings with others and working to inspired and influence those around you. This may come in the form of the role of a religious activities and education director or postsecondary religion teacher.

Undergraduate Online Christian Theology Certificate Program FAQs

If completing this program online seems like a good fit for you, read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about earning your certificate and beginning a theology-based career.

An undergraduate Christian theology certificate teaches you about various aspects of Christian life, and how theological methodology, essential doctrine and historical understandings of Christian thought all contribute to the formation of one’s Christian character. This certificate can help you gain a deeper understanding of God and can prepare you to pursue positions in the church.

Those who wish to take their Christian studies further may consider enrolling in a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership to position themselves for possible leadership positions in the church.

Christian theology can be a worthwhile and exciting topic to study when you consider how you may use it to deepen your own relationship with God and the church. If you are looking to pursue a career in the church, gaining a background in Christian theology can provide you with a critical understanding of important concepts and aspects of Christianity and a Christian worldview.

The first step to becoming a theologian is to gain a background in theological studies by pursuing a certificate or degree focusing on Christian theology. While some may choose to pursue a Christian theology certificate to gain this knowledge, some may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies to gain a more comprehensive, thorough background in all aspects of Christian studies.

Theology can be a complex topic to study. There are many concepts that you will need to grasp, readings to complete and applications to put into practice when studying Christian theology. However, GCU’s online courses come with support and resources that can be accessible wherever you are completing your program.

If you’re looking to earn an Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Theology at GCU, fill out the form on this page to get in contact with a university counselor.

Total Credits: 16
Online: 7 weeks
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Up to 90 credits, only 84 can be lower division
Online: $410 per credit
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Cost of Attendance

Course List

16 credits
Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course is a study of theological methodology and the doctrines of revelation, God, humanity, sin, and the person of Jesus Christ with emphasis on the biblical bases for each doctrine.

Course Description

This course is a study of theological methodology and the doctrines of the works of Jesus Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and last times with emphasis on the biblical bases for each doctrine.

Course Description

This course surveys the major developments within the history of Christianity that have shaped Christian doctrine. Emphasis is placed on key events, personalities, theological developments, and movements. Prerequisites: HTH-201 and HTH-202.

Course Description

This course focuses on the practical ministry application of theological principles. Special attention is given to theological reflection in respect to methodology, apologetics, ethics, and the mission of the church.


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