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Welcome to the Honors College at Grand Canyon University (GCU). We are excited to offer an academically enriching opportunity to bright, passionate, ambitious and motivated traditional students who are interested in experiential learning opportunities related to service and leadership. You will have the opportunity to work with faculty mentors, attend interdisciplinary symposia seminars, live in honors housing on campus, take advantage of priority registration opportunities and attend special events on campus.

As part of the GCU Honors College, you will be challenged on an individual basis through extracurricular activities and one-on-one mentoring opportunities with a faculty member. Through this personalized approach, our hope is that you will be well-equipped to move on to the next chapter in your academic journey or step into your career ahead of the curve.

In addition to experiencing an enhanced curriculum in the Honors College, you will benefit from additional privileges, including an honors diploma and designation on transcripts. Choose from any of our degree programs and still be a part of the Honors College. For more information about the Honors College and the benefits of becoming an honors student, call us at 855-GCU-LOPE.

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Mission Statement

GCU's Honors College is designed to produce exemplary graduates who are uniquely equipped to lead and serve in the workplace as well as local and global communities. Our mission is to develop servant leaders and change agents who are primed to enter the world with a competitive advantage over their contemporaries in the fields of problem solving, communication, critical thinking, evidence-based decision-making and cultural awareness.

Explore One Foundation

GCU is a Christian institution, with a rich history of delivering high-quality academic programs through the lens of our worldview. We educate our students from a distinctly Christian perspective and incorporate our worldview into all that we do.

GCU Degree Programs

Any one of our campus degree programs can be taken through the Honors College. Explore our campus degrees to learn more about your options and talk to your university counselor about your opportunities to join our challenging and rewarding college.

Educational Alliances

As a university with a mission to elevate academic achievement, we value our vast network of alliances. We provide college-bound programs and career development opportunities to benefit the educational advancement of students of all ages.

University Accreditation

GCU is a regionally accredited university that also holds regional accreditation as well as program-specific accreditations in several of our colleges. Learn more about the importance of accreditation and which programs are accredited at GCU.

Dean's Message

Welcome to the Honors College at GCU. Our goal is to help you develop into an exemplary servant leader and a champion of change. Students in the Honors College are bright, ambitious and highly motivated to make an impact on local and global communities. We offer a supportive and nurturing environment, one in which you can thrive and find your purpose.

The Honors College has grown tremendously in the last several years. We offer several clubs and learning communities for honors students as well as opportunities for you to participate in exclusive mission trips, study abroad, service projects, research and internships. As part of the Honors College community, you also receive several benefits, including mentorship from faculty and staff, a supportive community of like-minded students and specialized student services advisors.

We hope you will join our exemplary community of passionate scholars and experience all that our college has to offer.

Associate Dean Breanna Naegeli, MA
Honors College

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