Honors College Leadership and Faculty

The Honors College faculty at Grand Canyon University is comprised of industry leaders and service-focused mentors who challenge you to grow as a servant leader and influential agent of change within your local and global community. Our seasoned educators are knowledgeable in their respective fields and aim to promote challenging and enriched learning experiences to help you achieve your academic goals. Our faculty strive to prepare you to implement your passion and calling into a profession beyond your undergraduate experience. Get to know our faculty and how they can help you get the most out of your college experience.

The Honors College offers more than 260 courses as of June 2021. As an honors student, you can customize your academic journey, including a variety of modalities in which you can earn honors course credit.

Additionally, the Honors College is further supported by the Dean’s Honors College Advisory Board comprised of more than 35 esteemed professionals in various industries. These prominent valley leaders aid in further strengthening the professional and leadership development programming for our honors students, participate in small group mentorship, serve as panelists in the Provost Speaker Series, and offer internships and project-based learning experiences to our exceptionally driven students. Get to know our committed leadership team, knowledgeable faculty and esteemed advisory board to learn more!

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