Grand Canyon University Snapshot

GCU is a missional, Christ-centered university with an innovative and adaptive spirit. The university addresses the world’s deep needs by cultivating compassionate Christian community, empowering free and virtuous action and serving others in ways that promote human flourishing.

GCU Welcome Week

GCU is growing rapidly with plans for continued expansion. Since 2009, we have invested billions into the university to improve the quality of academic offerings and student experiences.

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In Fall 2023, GCU had over 25,200 students on campus and at its offsite locations.1


GCU had 92,995 online students in Fall 2023.2


Billion invested in academic infrastructure and technology between 2009 and June 2022.

New and Improved Facilities and Technologies

To accommodate our growing student communities, GCU has made several campus investments:

  • Improved digital platforms: Providing outstanding experiences to our online students
  • Engineering building: 173,447 square feet dedicated to our engineering and science programs
  • Campus housing: 30 on-campus housing options for the 2022-23 school year
  • Sports facilities: 6,000-seat GCU Stadium and 7,000-seat GCU Arena
  • GCU Esports Arena: 3,200 square feet of high-end gaming stations for casual and competitive play

GCU Campus

For more than 70 years, our Phoenix campus has been an academic destination for countless scholars and industry leaders. See why GCU ranked #24 best college campus in America for 2024, according to

Take a GCU LIVE Tour led by a personal tour guide, or virtually visit campus through 360-degree views.

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#24 Best College Campus

GCU ranked #24 best college campus in America for 20243

#1 in Arizona

Ranked #1 college campus in Arizona3

Student Experience at GCU

At GCU, you'll find everything you need to enjoy a full college experience. Campus, online and evening students are equally valued members of our community and receive access to GCU events, academic support and learning resources.


Percentage of 2022 traditional campus graduates who spent less than four years at GCU to complete their degrees.

GCU Athletics and Club Sports


Student Athletes


NCAA Division I Sports


Club Sports

GCU is home to 21 NCAA Division I athletics teams and over 450 student athletes in basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, golf, volleyball and more. Our mission is to develop good Christian role models who embody the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of their lives. In addition to our Division I teams, we offer other athletics programs, including intramural sports as well as dance and cheer.

GCU proudly offers over 30 club sports teams for men and women, including ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, tennis, soccer, golf and more. Our club sports teams offer a competitive alternative to our Division I athletics teams while still competing at the national level.

Message from Our President

Grand Canyon University is committed to excellence — striving to help students become innovative thinkers, effective communicators, global contributors and transformative leaders through the context of a Christian worldview. By elevating higher education and making a private education affordable, we create new opportunities to make quality education accessible and to promote human flourishing.

At GCU, we think about the future every day. Ours is a Christ-centered community with an atmosphere of constant transformation and innovation that instills a sense of purpose and vocational calling in our students. We offer more than 330 academic programs across 10 colleges and innovative online learning platforms. Our visionaries collaborate with more than 520 board members who serve on our 20 advisory boards to develop programs in fields such as STEM, business, education and healthcare (June 2023). Unique degree specializations also provide opportunities to help students in tomorrow's workforce. To further uphold our excellence, our executive leadership and faculty members are academic professionals committed to helping you get the most from your education.

As GCU's programs expand, our thriving campus continues to grow rapidly. We expect our campus population to grow to 30,000 students within the next five years and have invested over $1.7 billion in campus and academic infrastructure and technology, such as high-tech engineering and STEM classrooms, laboratories and research spaces, top-ranked residence halls and resort-style swimming pools, NCAA-caliber athletic facilities and many other student amenities. Our successful Division I and club athletics are also a major draw for students, alumni and members of the greater Phoenix metro area.

Within all of our offerings, our faith remains our cornerstone. GCU's Christian worldview is integrated into all we do, both in the classroom and beyond. We invite students to grow spiritually through our worship services and take part in local and global outreach opportunities. We promote an open dialogue on faith to challenge students to adopt principles of service, morality, compassion and generosity. Academic integrity is also at the heart of our values. We help our students develop practices that support and embrace integrity as a personal, lifelong commitment.

Throughout your experience with GCU, I encourage you to ask insightful questions, explore ideas and produce original work that demonstrates your level of competence and understanding. Make a lasting commitment to professional ethics and achieving honest, well-deserved success. Apply our principles wherever life takes you and add to the value of your GCU degree.

Wishing you the best in your academic endeavors,

Brian Mueller
Grand Canyon University


GCU Leadership

Our executive leadership and faculty members are academic professionals committed to helping you get the most from your education.

Workforce Development

GCU strives to establish relationships with a variety of employers, including schools and districts, government agencies, hospitals and community colleges, with the goal of improving workplace performance and providing jobs in these industries. We have created a variety of alliances to help your organization get the most out of the partnership program through valuable educational and professional development opportunities. Learn about our workforce development initiatives, aimed at strengthening the trade workforce by supporting students who aspire to obtain jobs in the trades.

Man in industrial setting standing with purple shirt and hard hat

Grand Canyon University Partners

As a mission driven institution, GCU has dedicated itself to offering quality programs and student experiences in a welcoming community. To provide this experience and live up to its mission, GCU is mindful to contain costs and provide stability for all constituents, while selecting partners that share the university’s desire to act with integrity. To that end, the following publicly communicates significant partners GCU has selected to assist with different aspects of running the university, to be transparent to the public. Strong partnerships that benefit the university in these ways, ultimately benefit GCU’s students, and thus the greater community in which GCU serves.

Aerial view of GCU Campus with mountains in the background

Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

Grand Canyon University has selected Grand Canyon Education, Inc. as a partner to support the university’s students, faculty and staff. This partnership furthers the mission of the institution by increasing efficiencies through leveraging experts at Grand Canyon Education in organizational support areas such as marketing, accounting and human resources; as well as in the overall student services such as counseling, document processing and technology. This allows the university, its faculty and staff, to focus on its purpose of teaching students the knowledge and skills needed to further their career choice and assess student’s acquisition and demonstration of the knowledge and skills.

Grand Canyon University Board of Trustees selected this partnership based on the aligned goals of both organizations, as well as the integrity and ethics of both organizations. For feedback regarding this partnership, please contact

Pono Construction LLC

Grand Canyon University has selected Pono Construction LLC to construct the physical infrastructure of the campus including classrooms, dorms and co-curricular facilities. This allows the university to practice fiscal responsibility by containing capital expenditures in order to keep tuition low for all students. Grand Canyon University leadership selected this partnership based on the aligned goals of both organizations.

1 Includes all traditional students who have a last date of attendance at least three weeks into the Fall 2023 semester or participated in a campus evening class in September or October of 2023.

Includes students who have participated in an online class in August or September 2023 and does not include students in a cohort program.

3 (n.d.). Grand Canyon University Rankings. Retrieved Feb. 7, 2024.