All About the Sports Management Industry

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In 2014, the sports industry in North America was worth approximately $60.5 billion (Heitner, 2015). At Grand Canyon University, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Sports Management program learn that sports management industry is a much more refined science. If a student is dedicated to earning their degree and honing their leadership, business, and public relations skills, they can be extremely profitable in their career and help athletes and teams improve their careers as well. Take a look at the sports management industry:

Sports Management as a Science

Sports management is defined as management involving any combination of skills related to planning, organizing or directing an organization with a primary product or service related to sports or physical activity. GCU’s Colangelo College of Business teaches sports management students about areas such as sports media, marketing, law, and entrepreneurism. A career in sports management is much more than just simply showing off an athlete or a team. There is so much more that is required of you in this industry, such as marketing, media relations, publicity, arena management, sponsorships, deals, and trades.

Careers with a Sports Management Degree

Once you have earned your degree in sports management, there are many employment opportunities available to you. For example, one career that is achieved through a degree in sports management is a sports agent. This position acts as a representative for professional sports figures such as athletes, managers, and coaches. A sports agent is also responsible for procuring and negotiating employment and endorsement contracts for the athlete or coach whom he or she represents.

Another career within the sports management industry is a sports manager, which is a position that often handles the basic organization and scheduling of their clients. Both individual athletes and organizations hire sports managers to ensure that the life of the team or athlete off the field is just as successful as it is on the field.

A bachelor’s degree in sports management can also lead you to a career as a talent scout. A talent scout is an experienced talent evaluator who travels extensively for the purposes of watching athletes compete and then determining whether their skills and abilities represent what the scout’s organization needs.

At Grand Canyon University, the Colangelo College of Business aims for students to receive the education they need in order to become successful in the sports industry. To learn more about GCU’s sports management program, visit our website or click the Request More Information button at the top of the page!


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