Celebrating Capitalism in the Colangelo College of Business

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Capitalism and free-market principles have brought more people out of poverty and created a world that is more prosperous than ever before.

For this reason, our business college is proud of the impact our students and graduates are having on the community as they create and capture economic value while learning about business as a force for good. Business is about solving problems and providing a good, product or service that helps people’s lives — while elevating humanity.

The concept of conscious capitalism is exactly as its name implies. It’s operating a business with a higher purpose. It’s investing in the company’s culture, employees, environment and community. It’s a commitment to fostering economic growth while serving others.

While the word “profit” seems to have taken on a negative connotation within our society. It’s important to understand that before there can be charity, there must first be prosperity. For a business to impact society it must be financially stable and profitable.

It’s about being a servant leader and significantly improving workforce engagement with love and care of employees. What happens at work impacts people’s personal lives…thus, leadership needs to respect and foster their teams.

In the Colangelo College of Business we are working to develop entrepreneurs and young professionals who want to contribute to society in a significant way. Our graduates want to be part of a company that has value alignment, they want to work for a company that stands for something. How a business makes money matters.

Our students in the Colangelo College of Business are proud to be part of an institution where conscious capitalism is in our DNA. They have embraced the principles as they align with their own heart to serve through business. We have integrated the ideals of conscious capitalism into our curriculum and are proud of the results.

Andrea Northup, GCU alumni, founded Elroi & Men, a bow-tie business that provides work opportunities to the Lakota Indians of South Dakota – a people who have been plagues with poverty for generations.

Marco Burgarello, GCU alumni, was recently selected into a competitive nation-wide fellowship program called Venture for America. He was sent to an entrepreneurial boot camp and then courted by businesses to work for their startup on a two-year agreement. Marco choose Queen City Fintech in Charlotte, NC. The idea is that the nation’s best and brightest need to start businesses, make things, create value and impact the world.

The GCU has created a number of ways for students to explore startup opportunities and innovative collaborative teams with our IDEA Club, Canyon Angels (our own angel investment organization), Lopes Lab (maker space), STG 110 class on team innovation experience, Lazarus Lab (Ideation space, bringing ideas to life), monthly marketplace and TEDxGCU (project management club initiative).

This is helping foster business at its best: ideas with the ability to turn a profit, create new jobs and help people in need.

Millennials have made it known loud and clear that they prefer ethical and socially responsible corporations and brands. They will help return capitalism to its truest purpose – to create prosperity that can lift up and empower people and entire communities – hence we celebrate this in our college.

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