4 Careers to Consider After Earning a BS in Justice Studies

GCU Public Safety

Like with many other fields, law and law enforcement continue to evolve along with changes in society and technology. Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies is designed to prepare students to enter these fields by exploring the foundations of America’s legal system, covering the analytics and technology that are defining the future of law and examining contemporary components of the criminal justice system and civil law. If you’re wondering where a career in law or law enforcement can take you, then continue reading to learn about potential options for graduates of GCU’s BS in Justice Studies:

Private Investigator

Private investigators look for and analyze information as needed by their employer, which can be personal, financial or legal in nature. In their day-to-day work, these professionals may conduct background checks, perform surveillance, research actions against individuals, gather documents, recover assets and assist in investigations.

Probation Officer

Probation officers play an important role in the criminal justice system by helping criminal offenders avoid additional crimes. These law professionals also help protect public safety by ensuring that dangerous individuals remain in the prison system.

Security Manager

Security managers work in a broad range of industries, and their responsibilities can vary greatly. However, some of the duties that are typical for this area of employment include creating and implementing security standards and policies, coordinating security activities and supervising security staff.

FBI Agent

An FBI agent works for the U.S. and is responsible for investigating federal crimes. Commonly, these law professionals act as investigators, but they may also help arrest and detain suspects of federal crimes. Some other FBI agent tasks include interviewing suspects, preparing reports of findings and collecting evidence.

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