Succeeding in the Justice Studies Program at GCU

person in front of a cop car

Interested in a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies? For students who are passionate about law and justice and who desire to make an impact on the workforce, this degree may be a great fit! At Grand Canyon University, the programs are designed to challenge and motivate students to perform their best work while preparing them for a career in the field.


It can be easy to get distracted from coursework with all the responsibilities students carry, but staying motivated and productive will significantly increase your levels of success in the classroom as well as open employment and internship opportunities in the justice studies field. By staying on top of studying and homework, you will also stay more relaxed and relieve yourself of unnecessary stress. Most justice studies majors are passionate about change –keeping up with your work is the best way to ensure that you reach your goals and make the positive changes you desire!

Hard Work

Justice studies is a subject that requires time, investment and hard work. Students study subjects such as:

  • Criminal behavior
  • Civil law
  • Public policy
  • Corrections
  • Strategic data analysis
  • Policing and adjunction

Learning about concepts and real-world subjects that affect others on a daily basis requires precision and strength. Working hard in this field is necessary and can lead to great success! By applying yourself and giving it your all in this program, you will be able to see it through and find the great rewards of a career in the justice studies field.


Many students who major in justice studies decide to further their education and earn a graduate degree. Some advanced justice studies degrees offered by Grand Canyon University include the Master of Public Administration with an Emphasis in Government and Policy, and the MS in criminal justice with an emphasis in either legal studies or law enforcement. With passion and education, there is no limit to the success you will find in a career in the justice studies field!

Grand Canyon University gives students the opportunity to succeed and find their purpose. To learn more about the justice studies program, visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or click the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

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