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Posted on August 24, 2017  in  [ Doctoral Journey ]

Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies offers several programs in which learners can apply research, analytical and critical thinking skills to address real-world issues. If you’re considering earning your doctorate from GCU, then consider these doctoral studies FAQs:

Is Completing a Dissertation a Requirement at GCU?

All learners in the PhD, DBA and EdD degree programs must complete a dissertation before they may graduate. Learners in the EdS program do not need to complete a dissertation.

Will GCU Allow Me to Do a Mixed Methods Study?

You can do a mixed methods study. However, because of the complexity of this route, novice researchers will be advised not to do a mixed methods study.

Will GCU Allow Me to Do My Dissertation on Servant Leadership?

Learners may do their dissertation research on servant leadership. However, because this topic has been consistently researched, you may be challenged to find a suitable area of focus.

Will I Be Able to Modify a Validated Quantitative Instrument?

The GCU dissertation template states that previously validated instruments used for quantitative research cannot be modified without prior research evidence to support the modification.

Can I Use Research Done Outside the U.S.?

Yes, you may use research that was conducted in any country. However, note that research completed outside of the United States may not be as easily generalized, and international research must have the appropriate authorizations and comply with all regulatory guidelines within the country.

If My Prospectus Has Been Approved, Can I Start My Data Now?

No. Before you begin collecting data, you must first receive full committee, academic quality review (AQR) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of the dissertation proposal.

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The College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University places doctoral learners on an accelerated path from the first day. If you’re ready to begin your doctorate or want to learn more about doctoral studies at GCU, then visit our website or use the Request More Information Button on this page.

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Grand Canyon University’s innovative doctoral degree programs prepare learners for leadership roles in their professions, communities and society. Our dynamic online learning community, integrated dissertation process, wealth of resources and collaborative environment support a successful and meaningful doctoral journey. We believe earning a doctoral degree is a journey and similar to climbing a mountain—challenging, invigorating and completely rewarding when you reach the top. Our goal is to help you conquer your own mountain and succeed on your doctoral journey. Readers of The Doctoral Journey blog, presented by the College of Doctoral Studies, will find resourceful and knowledgeable posts regarding the doctoral process, research best practices and dissertation tips among other topics from GCU’s doctoral faculty.

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