Do I Need a Doctoral Degree to Advance in My Field?

doctoral student on campus

In today’s society, it is becoming more necessary to have an advanced degree in many fields of work. By holding a doctoral degree, you can open many doors in your field, such as a higher position or increased salary.

Not every job requires a doctoral degree, but it may be extremely beneficial to your career and personal growth. Grand Canyon University offers many doctoral degree programs that may help you take that extra step to achieve your academic goals. Continue reading to learn more about how a doctoral degree can prepare you to advance in your field:

Know the Benefits

When choosing to begin a doctoral program, make sure you know the benefits of earning your new degree. Depending on your program, there can be a variety of different reasons as to why it will be worth it to obtain a doctorate. Take the time to research your field in the areas you wish to pursue and see what sort of opportunities will be available to you by earning a doctorate.

In some fields, like higher education, having a doctorate can drastically increase what you are able to do in your work. With an EdD in leadership, for example, you may be able to become a professor or administrator. To find out what sort of advantages a doctoral degree might offer you within your field, search for positions you may be interested in holding, and research the level of education employers typically look for when filling these job roles.

Expand Your Professional Network

Earning a doctoral degree can allow you to make connections with professors, advisors and even other learners. If you work in a field that relies heavily on networking, you may be able to make important new connections by taking the leap into a doctoral program.

If you are looking to advance in your career, now is a great time to start your journey to a doctoral degree. Doing so can bring many benefits, including opportunities to advance in your career, grow in your knowledge and expand your professional network.

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Written by Jessalyn Johnson, a sophomore majoring in English and professional writing at GCU.

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