How to Apply to Your Doctorate Program in 5 Simple Steps

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Making the decision to enroll in a doctorate program can be overwhelming, but Grand Canyon University wants to make your experience as positive as possible. Here are five simple steps to help you apply to your doctoral program with ease and confidence.

Research Schools and Programs

It’s best to narrow your search to two or three different schools and compare the programs. You want to find programs that you’re interested in, that you can afford and that work with your schedule. GCU offers evening cohorts and online doctorate programs to help accommodate your scheduling needs. It’s also important to research what is available to you after you complete the program. For example, search for career placement rates, study the types of jobs graduates pursue and, if possible, speak with someone who has completed the program you are interested in.

Work With an Enrollment Representative

Don’t try to apply alone. GCU enrollment representatives are available to answer all your questions and help guide you through the admissions process. It is important to continuously stay in contact with your representative. They will help you accomplish your goals and verify that everything is in order with your application.

Review Program Requirements

Your enrollment representative can help you with this step; however, it is important to know the university’s admissions requirements before applying. GCU’s doctorate programs require that you have earned a doctorate or master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher. Some programs at GCU require a higher GPA and/or other criteria to qualify for admission, so be sure to check your doctorate program’s requirements and the general requirements, and work with your enrollment representative.

Request Transcripts and Prepare a Letter of Intent

You will need to present your transcripts from previous educational institutions and write a letter of intent in order to complete your application. Grand Canyon University requires you to submit a letter of intent between 250-400 words, demonstrating your ability to prepare for a doctorate program in a reflective and purposeful way.

Submit Your Application

Once you are finished researching and preparing, your last step is submitting your application online! It’s a fairly easy process, especially if you are working with your enrollment representative.

GCU aims to make the enrollment process a positive and encouraging experience for all prospective doctoral learners. If you are interested in enrolling in a doctorate program at GCU, contact us today to request more information!

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