New Degree Spotlight: EdD in Teaching and Adult Learning

Male instructor stands next to podium with a full auditorium of students

Are you interested in pursuing a career in teaching master’s and doctoral programs to adults? If so, the Grand Canyon University’s new Doctor of Education in Teaching and Learning with an Emphasis in Adult Learning degree can put you on the right path. While earning this degree, learners can gain the skills that they need to excel in teaching and foster success among collegiate and adult students. The following are examples of what you can expect from this EdD in teaching and adult learning program:

Become an Educational Leader and Guide Higher Education

Upon earning this degree, graduates will have the knowledge and competencies necessary to work as educational leaders and conduct original research that can lead to learning improvements and greater instruction at universities and colleges. Also, this program has a faith-based component that prepares learners to coach, mentor and collaborate from a Christian worldview perspective.

Learn to Apply Educational Research

This EdD in teaching and adult learning allows learners to further their experience and grow their educational expertise. While earning this EdD, you can expect to examine theories that guide today’s educational practices, study practical foundations of education and conceptualize philosophy from its foundation in theory. Learners also focus on existing theory in adult learning and teaching as well as gain research and academic expertise through research methodology.

Grow Your Expertise and Promote Student Success

The coursework and research that you complete in this program will help you gain an advanced ability to implement new teaching strategies that are effective and based on original research as well as study industry trends and promote greater success among adult students. Graduates of this program are prepared to function as educators at universities and colleges as well as trade, technical and professional schools.

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