PhD Emphasis Spotlight: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Are you interested in enrolling in a doctoral program at Grand Canyon University, but not sure which emphasis is the best fit for you? If you are passionate about psychology and interested in advancing your education, consider pursuing a PhD in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Is This Program Right for Me?

Grand Canyon University’s industrial and organizational psychology program gives learners the opportunity to study what motivates individual performance. Courses explore the psychology of leadership, along with the application of social and organizational principles to the business industry. Many learners who choose this program have a background in psychology, and look to further their career as a psychological researcher.

In the program, learners explore new approaches to understanding mental processes, including intelligence, reasoning, memory, motivation, and learning. Behavioral and social psychology are important topics in this program, helping learners expand their knowledge. The program focuses on the influence of mass communication on awareness and control, as well as group factors that affect individual behavior.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology vs. Performance Psychology

  • The industrial and organizational psychology program places emphasis on exploring the different ways in which individuals behave in a variety of settings. Students focus on psychological principles in relation to human resources and the analysis of data and statistical testing.
  • The performance psychology program places a greater focus on the psychology of human performance, information processing, and decision-making. Learners study individual thought processes rather than organizational ideas.

Quick Look

  • Enroll with any MA degree and a college statistics course.
  • Transfer up to three equivalent doctoral-level courses (9 credits) for approval.
  • Research can be quantitative or qualitative. The program provides instruction in both, which are equal in value.
  • All GCU doctoral programs involve learning statistics. The PhD program covers more statistics than the EdD or DBA, resulting in a pre-requirement of some statistics coursework.

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