Should You Earn a PhD in Performance Psychology?

Athletes at the starting line of a racetrack

Professionals and graduates with an interest in professional performance can go on to earn a PhD in Performance Psychology. This program provides opportunities to various professionals in the sports industry and aspiring psychologists and educators seeking to advance their careers in performance psychology.

What Is Performance Psychology?

Performance psychology is a specialization that focuses on how humans think and act during professional performances. The field usually focuses on athletes. Those who study performance psychology research emotion, cognition, motivation and other sports-related fields. They use techniques to improve and maintain peak performance.

Why Earn a PhD in Performance Psychology?

Sports medicine practitioners can improve their qualifications with a PhD in Performance Psychology. Performance psychology programs often include residencies in which graduates get hands-on experience working with faculty and athletes in performance settings. Surprisingly, psychologists are not the only ones who stand to benefit from earning a performance psychology PhD. Anyone who works with elite athletes whether from the sports, medicine, business or sales side of the industry can benefit from understanding the psychology of performance.

What Can I do With a PhD In Performance Psychology?

Graduates who earn their PhD in Performance Psychology can find opportunities working for major sports teams and collegiate organizations as professional psychologists. They may also consult with programs who do not need a psychologist on staff but want help to support the mental health and performance of their athletes at certain times during the year. After learners complete a PhD program, they might also go into higher education, research, psychotherapy, sports psychology or training.

At Grand Canyon University, the PhD in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance Psychology is a 60-credit degree program. The time it will take to complete your degree program will depend the time you will need to complete your research dissertation and complete your residencies. These responsibilities must be balanced with your home and family life as well. For the working learner, the College of Doctoral Studies offers this program online. If you are interested in this degree, visit our website or click on the Request Info button on this page.

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