3 Careers with a Computer Programming Degree

two people looking at a computer

Today, more and more people are pursuing their interest in computer technology and diving into the field of computer programming. Are you considering a career in this industry? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of the job options available for those with a computer programming degree.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer writes code to create software programs that can be used for countless applications. These professionals also design code using flow charts and UML, tests code either at the unit test level or functional level and provide code testing support. The programs written by computer programmers are used by other professionals for a wide variety of purposes.

Software Development Manager

Responsible for overseeing the use of technology in an organization or business, the software development manager must understand how to work with computer software, hardware and security. These professionals make decisions regarding the installation and maintenance of electronic devices and manage and implement IT systems. Those with a computer programming degree may seek this role after gaining experience in the field.

Web Application Developer

Involved in the design and development of web applications, a web application developer can work in a huge range of organization types and sizes, and they can also make an income as freelancers. Often, a web application developer is responsible for developing and managing installation programs and software packages as well as debugging and writing web applications.

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