Combine Your Passion for Business and Computer Science

By Jessalyn Johnson

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Did you know? At Grand Canyon University, two things you are passionate about can go hand in hand. With GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship, you can have the opportunity to acquire the tools and resources needed to combine your interest in business with computer science. For students who have a desire to explore careers that provide the chance to bring their passion for business in STEM to life, this program can guide you in the right direction. Continue reading to learn more about this degree:

Table of Contents:

The Program at GCU

Grand Canyon University’s computer science and business entrepreneurship degree offers hands-on lab courses, in addition to courses that focus on teaching business strategy and innovation tactics. The program of study includes classes that cover the topics of:

  • Database programming and design
  • Business planning
  • Computer architecture
  • Information security
  • Technology communication

In addition, the program emphasizes critical thinking skills and insight into the world of business in computer science in preparation for their future career.

Majoring in Business and Computer Science

Business and computer science may seem like two distinctly separate fields of study, but by combining them in your degree, you can unlock new doors. Business is integrated with computer science to allow for higher success within the world of computer engineering. It combines the business aspect of engineering with systems and software information technology, giving you the tools they need to take computer science to the next level in their career.

Career Possibilities

By completing this program, you can explore many different careers, such as systems analyst, information technologist, systems manager and web developer. If you are interested in a career that combines business and computer science, this degree program is a great choice!

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Written by Jessalyn Johnson, a sophomore majoring in English and professional writing at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.