Degree Spotlight: GCU’s Engineering Degrees

Students working on engineering project

Grand Canyon University’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers STEM degrees to help students prepare for a rewarding career in a high-demand field. As part of the initiative to build a competitive workforce, GCU rolled out three engineering degrees to provide a new pathway to success and innovation within the greater Phoenix community.

The biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering degrees are available to traditional students at GCU’s main campus. Explore the different engineering programs that are now available in Lope Country.

Biomedical Engineering

GCU’s biomedical engineering degree prepares students to solve real-world problems that are present in today’s health care industry. The program places an emphasis on topics such as FDA regulatory compliance, entrepreneurship, formal project management and the development of therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices. Upon graduation, students may qualify for several employment opportunities in areas such as scientific research and development, medical and diagnostic device development, and regulatory affairs.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering degree at Grand Canyon University gives students the necessary skills to satisfy the growing demand for mechanical devices. The program focuses on design, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, project management and problem-solving skills. In addition, the program ends with a project that requires students to research local and global developments in technology to help them stay current within the industry. After completing GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree, students may find careers in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, design engineering and several other industries.

Electrical Engineering

Students studying electrical engineering learn how to develop solutions for electronics, communications and electrical power system industries. The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree program offers advanced courses in lasers and optics, robotics and computer architecture. Students are involved with hands-on labs and capstone projects to develop problem-solving skills and design solutions. In this program, students focus on digital logic and design, team innovation and communication. When students complete this program, they will be qualified to work in fields such as electrical engineering, engineering research, electronics design and manufacturing.

GCU’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology will continue to grow as new degree programs continue to be added. To learn more about GCU’s engineering degrees and other STEM programs, contact us today to request more information!

Written by Jessica Meyer, a senior majoring in marketing at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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