Exploring Exercise Science Degrees at GCU

By Jessica Meyer

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Are you interested in studying exercise science? The College of Science, Engineering and Technology’s exercise science degrees provide you with an opportunity to choose an emphasis, allowing you to gain specialized knowledge in a career-focused area. Explore the options below to find the program that is the right fit for you:

Health Education

Does the opportunity to work with clients in the areas of disease prevention, physical fitness and health enhancement sound intriguing to you? If so, then GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Health Education may be an ideal program for you. This program teaches you how to evaluate an individual’s fitness needs and develop customized fitness and health education programs for your clients.

The curriculum in this exercise science degree covers the principles of sports medicine, including nutrition, exercise and weight control. While studying these topics, you will learn about personal and group health instruction, preparing you for a career as a health and wellness educator. If you decide to continue your education after graduation, you can earn a graduate degree in a variety of fields, including athletic training, physical therapy and kinesiology.

Physical Education

If you desire a career as a fitness instructor, personal trainer or recreational leader, then GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Physical Education could be a great fit for you!

While enrolled in this program, you will study the teaching methods used in physical education and acquire techniques for evaluating fitness levels of children, adults and those with special needs. This program gives you a greater understanding of personal wellness through exploring topics like anatomy, physiology and nutrition. If you desire to become an elementary or secondary physical education instructor, you may seek this career after completing additional certification coursework.

Sports Performance

Do you like to keep up with new workout routines and exercise fads? If so, consider GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Sports Performance. In this exercise science degree program, you study the anatomical, kinesiological and physiological principles of human movement. Through class discussions and hands-on laboratory courses, you examine the techniques and theories for improving performance in sports and promoting health and wellness.

The rigorous coursework helps prepare you to work with a wide variety of clients in different fields, such as athletes and those in the military and law enforcement. Upon completing the program, you will have gained the foundational knowledge and skills to find a fulfilling career in the fitness industry. You may also decide to continue your education and enter into a graduate program in fields such as athletic training, occupational therapy or public health.

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Written by Jessica Meyer, a senior majoring in marketing at GCU.

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