Goals of the Game and Simulation Development Program

Game console

Computer programmers tend to be scientifically minded, logical individuals. So it can be particularly exciting for them to wear a different hat, so to speak, and embrace their creative sides with world-building activities. Building a digital world is challenging, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling.

GCU’s degree in computer science with an emphasis in game and simulation development explores artificial intelligence in gaming, 2D and 3D graphics and operating systems. In addition to the mathematical foundations that are taught in the program, practicing world-building can help students gain critical thinking skills relevant to a future career in computer science.

Create a Geometrically Realistic World

The computer and graphics lecture and lab use shader-based programming to cover 2D and 3D concepts, algorithms and implementation methods. In this course, hands-on animation labs can help prospective game developers focus on the mathematic elements of game creation. Students learn how to use linear algebra and 3D geometry with OpenGL, in addition to coloring effects and textures, to simulate the geometry of realistic objects.

Develop Proficiency in Core Technologies

The first step to creating a realistic game is mastering the core technologies involved. In the game and simulation development program, students take a mathematical and scientific approach to building a game. For example, a student will learn how to program an object to move from point A to point B while avoiding point C.

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