4 Creative Jobs for Technology Degree Grads

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With the world becoming increasingly reliant on computers and other technology systems, it's no surprise that careers in technology continue to grow. Therefore, earning a degree in technology makes sense to secure a great job in the future. As technology continues to grow and touch every industry and career field, the creativity in the work grows with it. This means that all types of people — analytical, logical and even creative — can find their niche in technology.

Careers in Technology That Allow for Innovation

Software Development

Just about every piece of technology we use daily has been designed by software developers. Any time you open your laptop, look at your phone, listen to music on a streaming service or check in for a flight, you are using some type of software. Students who earn technology degrees in software development can use their creativity to influence how people interact with technology on a daily basis. Creating code allows for innovation because there is more than one way to get to an optimal outcome.

Web Development

A great website is the product of great web development. A student who earns a technology degree in web development gets to use their creativity to design websites for businesses. They must know about visual design, color theory and fonts, as well as the technology to code it all into a functional website. Web development can be a great creative technology field for someone who wants to find a career that can be both innovative and long-lasting.

Game Design

Game design means so much more than video games or even mobile games. Gaming is still an extremely popular way for creative technology degree graduates to share fun ways and engage players, but game design has also moved into the business and learning realm. Many training programs now include game-based instruction to help new employees learn the job in more authentic and realistic ways. Game designers must have an excellent mix of technological skills and creativity in order to discover new ways to teach people through play.


Most people do not recognize the amount of work that goes into animating a short television show or movie. Animators spend hours on what amounts to just seconds of animation. They use technology and art skills to make characters and settings come alive for viewers. Technology grads who go into animation have a desire to share stories and art with people in new and interesting ways.

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