Learning Java as Your First Computer Language

Woman programming in java

When you join the Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree program at Grand Canyon University, you learn tech and business skills together. You’ll learn building software development and coding skills, along with the business fluency, that are in great demand in a world where technology is ever-changing.

A BS in Computer Programming degree ensures that you have the advanced programming skills needed to take on most entry-level tech jobs. By graduation, you will attain proficiency in several programming languages, including Java. This language is one of the most common entry-level languages for computer programming majors. Keep reading to find out more about Java.

Java FAQ

What Is Java?

Java is an all-purpose, general programming language. It is similar to Python and JavaScript. It is object-oriented and has its own specialized platform.

Why Should I Learn Java?

Java is the top coding language, as well as a high-level computer platform developed in 1995. Because of its popularity, Java continues to be updated. Java has continued to be an important programming language because of web and mobile based applications. It is considered the best foundation for network applications.

What Can I Do With Java?

The Java development platform has been crucial in creating many different types of applications. Some of these include desktop apps, embedded systems, e-commerce apps, web servers, Android apps and middleware products.

Why Is Java Such a Popular Language?

Because of its high functionality and portability, Java continues to be the number one language of computer programmers. It is usually the first computer language that new coders learn. There are a number of reasons for this, including that Java is simple and free of charge. It is object-oriented and supports multi-threading. It offers multimedia and network support and is a stable and predictable coding language. Because of its popularity, Java has an active community that supports each other in developing and updating the language. Java is compatible with just about any development tool.

If you are ready to get into the world of computer programming, join us at Grand Canyon University for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree today.

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