Spotlight on Our First IT Graduates

Four IT grads at GCU

In December of 2017, we watched with pride as the first IT graduates from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology walked across the stage, diplomas in hand. Developing and maturing along with the program, our first four grads had the privilege of being the trailblazers of a new program.

Launched in August 2014, Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology saw its first graduates in Paul Rodriguez, Jake Womer, Bridgette Smith and Timothy Prescott. The four share a passion for IT and the dedication it takes to be the first of many in a newly implemented program.

Rodriguez says that one of the most rewarding parts of the program was getting to spend time with the students he shared classes with. “It’s been like me hanging out with all my friends. We’ve gotten really close,” he shared.

Smith said that being a part of a new program was a bit like being a “course developer.” Over time, the IT program became better molded to fit the industry needs and ensure the students entered the workforce as knowledgeable and well-rounded employees. The degree emphasizes labs and projects over lecture time, placing value on hands-on learning.

This experience paid off, as three of the IT students had already secured jobs in the field before graduating. The other, Womer, is studying for his Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

Rodriguez, who works in IT security at GCU, says that GCU is producing the next thought leaders in technology through not only the hands-on experience they are gaining, but the adaptability they develop during their time at the university. Lopes definitely know how to go the extra mile, as evidenced by our four impressive IT grads setting the path for many to follow.

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