Undergraduate Research and Design Programs in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology

By Kaylor Jones

Student in laboratory setting

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Grand Canyon University provides students with unique and exciting opportunities to engage in faculty research, design and development projects. Take advantage of some of these options to work alongside faculty while gaining experience and a competitive edge for internships, graduate schools and careers:


If your area of interest is in health, nutrition, kinesiology, biomechanical analysis, sports performance or cognitive strength, consider a project in the Performance Optimization, Wellness and Exercise Research (POWER) program. Students will contribute to research while working with a variety of research-grade testing devices.

Smart Urban Fabrics

Smart Urban Fabrics (SMURF) is a project designed around connecting pieces of equipment to discover the impact and trends of different factors on the surrounding urban fabric, including the environment, communication, knowledge transfer and more. Systems will combine electronic, computer, sensory, engineering and software components.

Canyon Neuroscience Center

The Canyon Neuroscience Center investigates questions regarding the function of the brain and nervous system. Approaches include human clinical studies and cell and molecular studies using tissue culture models.

Anatomy and Biotechnology Group

The Anatomy and Biotechnology group aims to compile a database of cadaveric, histological photographs, art work and clinical pathological case development for use in the creation of a human cadaveric photographic atlas. Long-term goals center on completing projects pushing the biotechnological limits of 3D printing, such as working with biological materials and structures.

If contributing to any of these research projects while working closely with faculty and satisfying your intellectual curiosity sounds of interest to you, visit our website to learn about more of our science and technology research resources.

Grand Canyon University works with our dedicated STEM students to provide the resources and experience they need to succeed. To learn how you can become a part of our prestigious College of Science, Engineering and Technology, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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