3 Ways Honors Students Can Maximize Their Role as a Mentee

Woman working with a mentor

One of the often spoken benefits of the Honors College is having the ability to hold a meaningful relationship with a mentor. A mentor is regarded as your advisor, your experienced professional and in often cases as a trusted friend.

As an Honors student, you will be presented with various opportunities to create and hold that relationship. Being able to effectively carry out your role as a mentee serves as a great investment for both yourself and your career. Below are three ways you are able to maximize your role as a mentee.

Practice Professionalism

Within the relationship between a mentor and mentee, respect forms part of the foundation of the relationship. Your mentor is there to offer guidance and advice. Therefore, do not expect them to do or know everything. Be courteous of their time and remember to show gratitude for what they do.

Know Your Goals

Communicating your goals to your mentor will help your relationship grow stronger. Your goals may serve as ways for your mentor to guide and advise you as well as a way to understand your needs and wants. Knowing your goals will also allow room for meaningful feedback, ways to improve and even extending your comfort zone to be able to achieve whatever you are after.

Own Your Learning

Being responsible for your own learning may come as a no brainer to an Honors student, applying it to your role as a mentee should be no different. As a mentee, you should know that you are in charge of the relationship. Bring the energy, passion and vision. With set goals and a professional relationship at hand, nurture the opportunity to develop yourself and your career by practicing active listening and asking purposeful questions. After your time with them, act upon the knowledge you have gained.

Being a mentee holds many layers to it. However, by practicing professionalism, knowing your goals and owning your learning you hold three key pillars in maximizing your role as a mentee. After all, like Steven Spielberg once said, “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

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