The 4 Best Places to Study on Campus

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Finding an important place to study on campus is an important step to thriving at Grand Canyon University. Students living on campus can study inside their room, but a comfortable study spot is appealing to both commuters and ground students. Your ideal study spot depends on your personal preferences. Some students enjoy loud outdoor locations, while others prefer quiet indoor locations. Here are a few places that are great to study on campus.

1. Library

The GCU Library is great if you enjoy a little background noise. Students are grouped at large tables and semi-private seating, making for moderate volume that earphones could easily drown out.

The privacy of the library depends on where you want to sit. There are large group tables, sofas, armchairs, stools, and desks in the library. The library is great for working on group projects, finding a quiet place to work or just enjoying a nice view of campus from the large windows.

The library makes up the third and fourth floors of the Student Union, leaving plenty of space to find a seat. Those living in Diamondback, Antelope, Cactus, Jerome, Sonora and Palo Verde apartments will have to take a longer walk than most, but the Student Union is right along Lopes way. This makes it a natural hub for activity and a convenient place to visit during the summer months.

2. Library Study Rooms

The Study rooms allow you to study privately without any noise. Study rooms in the Library can be booked on-site, but the easiest way to get a room is to schedule in advance. Each student may book two one-hour sessions per week. The larger study rooms are equipped with televisions, and you can check out an HDMI cable to connect a laptop.

The quiet of the study rooms is the greatest benefit. The study rooms are great private spaces that for commuters or residents that need a set time and place to study.

Study rooms are a part of the library, but they have a different atmosphere from the rest of the library. The added benefit of being indoors and somewhat private makes the study rooms a perfect location for those needing a quiet place to work.


Each of the Grand Canyon Beverage Company locations is bustling, so those who like background noise and can tune out conversations with music won’t mind setting down on a couch or at a table.

Some students feel out of place or awkward in private spaces and GCBC is a great location for those who work better in busy places. Commuters who have limited time and don’t mind the noise can get a lot of work done here without having to worry about a lack of seating.

GCBC is everywhere a student needs to be. Where the library can be a long hike for students on the east side of campus, the GCBC locations are within reach of every dorm and apartment and entrance on campus. GCBC is accessible to commuters and residents, making it an easy choice.

4. Seating Outside Lopes Way

Lopes way runs across the center of campus from Kaibab to Camelback Hall, and there are a variety of seating options. Outside the Student Union, seating tends to be livelier, while there is plenty of open seating outside Camelback Hall.

Students have their choice of privacy along Lopes Way, but being outdoors in open seating can make it difficult for some students to study. Students willing to seek out empty seating can usually find their own space.

During the summer months, it’s best to wait until the evening to study. Keeping out of the heat is important to stay focused and comfortable at the beginning of the fall and the end of spring each year. Throughout the winter, it’s best to bring a coat since many areas along Lopes Way are in the shade most of the day.

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